Anal Torture

Updated: SEPTEMBER 3, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire

Anal torture is the BDSM practice of inflicting pain or pleasure-pain through anal stimulation. A dominant leads an anal torture scene and stimulates the anus of a submissive person or slave. As the skin around the anus is very delicate, anal torture is considered to be riskier than many other types of BDSM activities. Anal torture is sometimes called anus torture or ass torture.

Dominants can inflict anal torture with a variety of instruments designed to penetrate the anus such as anal probes, dildos, anal beads and butt plugs. They may also repurpose other instruments, such as needles, hooks, or pokers. Alternatively, dominants can use their own body to torture their submissive’s anus. A dominant may penetrate the anus either digitally or with their fist or have anal sex with their submissive as part of anal torture.

Penetration is common, but not essential, during anal torture; dominants may choose to stimulate the area around the anus without penetrating it. This prolonged stimulation can be a kind of torture for submissives longing for penetration.


Anal torture may also involve subjecting the anus to extreme temperatures. For example, a dominant may insert ice cubes or hot pokers into the anus or drip hot wax onto the orifice. The submissive may also feel a burning sensation if the dominant inserts a ginger root or chili pepper into the anus.

Medical play is a common component of anal torture. Dominants may administer an enema to their submissive partner during this process. They may also perform a rectal exam—the way a doctor does to check a patient’s prostate. They may also use a medical speculum to open up and inspect the anus.

Anal torture is a type of anal play. It is generally considered to be more intense and painful than other types of anal play. However, anal torture can also be pain-free, as it is in sensual domination. For example, a dominant may stimulate their submissive’s anus with a feather. This stimulation doesn’t hurt, but it can be torturous for a submissive who feels turned on and longing for more intense stimulation.

Anal torture may also be referred to as anus torture.


More About Anal Torture

Anal torture reinforces the roles in a BDSM relationship: A dominant feels powerful as they torture their submissive’s anus in whatever way, and for however long, they see fit. While an ethical dominant will never abuse their submissive or take advantage of them, knowing that they could can be intensely arousing. At the same time, the submissive feels vulnerable as they must submit to their dominant’s will. It can be incredibly arousing for the submissive to hand over control of their anus to their dominant; and withstanding the torture can be a good way to show they are an excellent submissive.

Dominants may use other BDSM techniques during anal torture. For example, they may use bondage to keep their submissive in place, ensuring they do not move during the torture. They may also simply tell their submissive to stay still. This mental bondage can be just as effective for a well-trained submissive.

Dominants may also blindfold their submissive during anal torture. A blindfold removes the sense of sight, heightening other senses including touch. Submissives may feel the sensations of anal torture more intensely when their dominant takes their sense of sight away.

Spanking is another common activity used within anal torture to heighten the intensity of the play. For example, a dominant might spank their submissive’s buttocks to encourage them to clench their anus. This can increase the sensations the submissive feels when they have something inserted in their anus.


The anus is made up of delicate tissue which can tear during anal torture. For this reason, anal torture is a relatively risky form of BDSM play. Lubricant can help reduce the risk of tearing. The dominant should also clean any instruments or parts of their body they intend to use for anal torture. Sterilization is the safest cleaning method to avoid bacterial infections. Dominants should also use condoms during anal sex and with toys wherever possible, especially if they're sharing toys.

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