Last Updated: July 6, 2017

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Definition - What does Pornado mean?

Pornado is a made-up word that combines “porn” and “tornado.” It simply means “a lot of porn.” It is often used to refer to the deluge of porn content, advertising and links that pop up on websites with adult content. This term is sometimes used by website administrators to lure visitors to their sites. It also has a more negative - or even humorous - connotation as a bit of a fact of life in the Internet age.

Kinkly explains Pornado

While a pornado can't typically do any real damage, some malicious online elements have used the popularity of porn to spread spam or, much worse, infect computers and smartphones. This is done through links and Web pages that embed cookies and viruses on devices. These infected files are inadvertently delivered when porn links, advertising and Web pages are clicked or visited. It is important to be careful with the links and ads you choose to click online, and pornographic links are no exception.

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