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Updated: MARCH 13, 2017

Infantilism refers to a condition where a person is sexually aroused by being treated like a baby. Not unlike role playing, the person dresses up in diapers, drinks from baby bottles, eat baby foods, and engages in other such practices. This paraphilia is quite rare. It also exists within BDSM practices. Infantilism can involve male or female parties.

More About Infantilism

Infantilism often involves parent-baby role play where one partner parents the other. Common activities include, but are not limited to, being changed into diapers, bathed and powered, fed with baby food or a bottle, spanked or scolded, or being breast fed. Even if it is not a baby-like activity, most infantilism practices often culminate in sexual intercourse. In some cases, however, infantilism is entirely platonic and only engage in this practice to feel love or to reduce stress.


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