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B&D (B&D)

Definition - What does B&D (B&D) mean?

B&D is an acronym which stands for bondage and discipline. This sexual practice combines the use of both physical and psychological restraints. The practice of B&D is accompanied by a set of rules which must be obeyed. If they are not, the submissive partner is likely to be punished for his or her behavior.

B&D may be part of foreplay or a standalone sexual activity. It is one component of the group of sexual practices known as BDSM.

Bondage and discipline should not be confused with bondage and domination. B&D is closely related to S&M, but unlike S&M, B&D does not always involve physical pain.

Kinkly explains B&D (B&D)

The word "bondage" in B&D refers to physical restraints, such as ropes, cuffs, and gags. These are used to restrict the submissive partner’s movements. For example, a gag limits the submissive individual’s ability to speak.

The word "discipline" in B&D refers to the psychological restraints that are placed upon the submissive partner. The submissive may be humiliated, for example, either through the use of physical restraints or through demands placed upon their behavior. Similarly, a submissive may be rewarded for good behavior.

A B&D relationship often relies upon a submissive partner giving up control and acting in accordance with the wishes of his or her dominant, or master. If the submissive does not obey the rules, they may be punished through a loss of privileges, spanking, flogging, or through some other physical or psychological means.

B&D practices are common in the BDSM community, but even some vanilla couples dabble in B&D. Blindfolding a partner, tying their hands with scarves, or spanking them during sexual play can all be considered B&D acts.

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