Cervical Mucus Method

Definition - What does Cervical Mucus Method mean?

The cervical mucus method is a form of natural family planning or fertility awareness that may be used to plan or avoid conception. Also referred to as the Billings Ovulation Method, the cervical mucus method is based on monitoring mucus patterns throughout the menstrual cycle to identify the days on which one is most likely to conceive.

Kinkly explains Cervical Mucus Method

Cervical secretions change prior to ovulation so as to create an environment that assists sperm as it travel through the body to the waiting egg. By staying aware of the changes in cervical mucus, one can predict when ovulation will occur and thus determine when conception is most likely.

For those who wish to become pregnant, the cervical mucus method can help determine the best days to engage in intercourse. On the other hand, those who wish to avoid pregnancy by using the cervical mucus method can use the same awareness of cervical mucus patterns to identify days on which unprotected sex should be avoided.

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