Last Updated: February 10, 2018

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Definition - What does Swinging mean?

Swinging refers to the practice of swapping partners in a sexual context. This practice can take place under a variety of circumstances such as informal gatherings between friends or in a more formal setting such as swingers clubs.

Swinging is also known to take place in locations such as private homes, hotels, cruise ships, or special adults-only resorts. Couples who are interested in this practice can also look up swinging websites for the locations as well as the terms and conditions of the host party. Contrary to popular belief, jealousy is rarely a factor in swinging because both parties are aroused by watching their respective partner engage in sexual activities with another person.

Swinging may also be known as the swing lifestyle.

Kinkly explains Swinging

According to the Kinsey Institute, over 15 million North Americans can be categorized as swingers. More than 60% of couples claimed that engaging in sexual activities with other partners enhanced their relationship. Only 25% of couples reported problems involving jealousy.

There have, however, been some moral and religious objections to swinging. The great majority of religious communities draw parallels between adultery and swinging. Religious leaders are also opposed to the fact that swinging brings other people into the marital bed. Swinging goes against their ideal of a monogamous relationship. Swinging may encourage a rapid spread of sexually transmitted infections as well as contribute to unwanted pregnancies.

Swinging is also a cultural practice in some countries. In Arabia, for example, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to ‘lend’ his wife to a wealthy person to produce a child of noble stock. This form of cultural swinging is equally popular in other countries such as Africa, New Guinea, and among the Inuit.

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