Gender Non-Conforming Children

Updated: SEPTEMBER 3, 2019

Gender non-conforming children are children who do not behave or present in ways that are typical for their assigned gender. A gender non-conforming child may prefer to dress in clothes deemed appropriate for the opposite sex, surround themselves with opposite sex playmates, and shun toys typical of children of their gender. They may also state that they are or wish to be the opposite sex.

The term "gender non-conforming" can be used to encompass other terms such as transgender, transsexual, and genderqueer.


More About Gender Non-Conforming Children

Parents of gender non-conforming children are faced with the task of supporting their child as they navigate their identity as well as seeking out a supportive school, extended family, and peer environment. Families can make decisions together when it comes to disclosure and the gender non-conforming child.

Parents of gender non-conforming children may find themselves in need of education in order to offer their child the proper support. Some find it helpful to seek the guidance of a counselor or medical professional. It can also be helpful for parents to connect with the transgender community.

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