The Acrobat Position

Definition - What does The Acrobat Position mean?

The acrobat position is a more advanced variation of the popular reverse cowgirl. To get into this position, the man lays on his back and and his partner straddles him while facing his feet. Once he penetrates her, she leans back and lays on his chest. The two can then move and rock together.

Kinkly explains The Acrobat Position

While in this position, a man can easily reach around and stimulate his partner's clitoris with his hand or a vibrator. This position is also great for G-spot stimulation because the penis is angled toward the front wall of the vagina. Pairing clitoral stimulation with gentle G-spot stimulation can result in powerful orgasms in many women. This combination may even cause some women to experience a squirting orgasm, or female ejaculation.

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