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Penis Cage

Definition - What does Penis Cage mean?

A penis cage is a chastisty device that surrounds the penis and holds it at a downward angle. The goal is to not allow for masturbation or penile stimulation. It makes an erection uncomfortable and, often, impossible. Penis cages are frequently used in BDSM play.

The body of a penis cage is a tube that holds the penis. It is attached to a ring that goes around the penis and scrotum. Some features of a penis cage may include a hole at the tip to allow for urination and vents to allow for long term wear and cleanliness.

Kinkly explains Penis Cage

In BDSM, penis cages can be used for several reasons. A Dominant may have their submissive wear one for an extended period so as to remind the submissive of the Dominant's ownership of the penis. It may be used in orgasm denial as the cage does not allow for an erection stimulation. This cycle can be repeated. It can be used as part of a control exercise in which the submissive must receive the Dominant's permission before masturbating or engaging in any sexual play involving the penis and thus must ask for the penis cage to be unlocked.

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