The Rocking Horse Position

Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2022

The rocking horse is a variation of the rider-on-top/cowgirl position. Instead of laying on their back, however, the penetrating partner starts by sitting cross-legged and leans back, supporting themselves with their arms. The receiver then kneels and straddles them.

This variation of rider-on-top can be especially appealing to those who enjoy anal stimulation, as it leaves the receiver's backside free for anal toys like the Hott Love 2.7-inch Metal Heart Butt Plug from Spencer's.

Rocking Horse Position: The penetrating partner sits cross-legged with their arms extended straight behind them to support their weight. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner, facing them, and lowers themselves down to be penetrated while wearing a Hott Love 2.7-inch Metal Heart Butt Plug from Spencer's.


More About The Rocking Horse Position

This position gets its name from the rocking motion the receiver must do to facilitate thrusting. For additional stability, the giver can also lean against a solid object, such as a headboard or wall.

This position also makes it easier to stimulate a clitoris, either manually or with a clitoral vibrator. If the receiving partner doesn't have a clitoris (or if they do and simply want to incorporate some anal play), you can up the ante with the addition of an anal toy. The Hott Love 2.7-inch Metal Heart Butt Plug is an ideal pick for this, thanks to its beginner-friendly size, body-safe materials and the pleasing visual it produces.

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