Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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Definition - What does Delphinophile mean?

A delphinophile is a human who is sexually attracted to dolphins. Delphinophilia is a specific branch of zoophilia, or zoosexuality as it is sometimes called, which describes human sexual attraction to wild animals.

Like all types of zoophiles, the majority of delphinophiles are male. However, female delphinophiles do exist.

Delphinophiles, like other zoophiles, claim that their sexual preferences are a true sexual orientation rather than a fetish or paraphilia.

Kinkly explains Delphinophile

There are some delphinophiles who wish to explore physical relationships with dolphins, and this can be difficult. Limited access to captive dolphins, as well as the United States’ Marine Mammal Protection Act and similar laws around the world, prohibit interaction with wild dolphins.

Many delphinophiles have become connected with others who share their relatively rare preference through the Internet. Many are also passionate dolphin rights activists, who collect images and stories concerning the animal of their desires.

There are several delphinophiles who claim to have consummated relationships with dolphins. The large dolphin penis makes intercourse with a human difficult, but some people have masturbated male dolphins and had sex with their fins. Others, including Malcolm J. Brenner, the writer of "Wet Goddess" claim to have had intercourse with female dolphins.

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