Sex Machine

Last Updated: January 28, 2017

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Definition - What does Sex Machine mean?

A sex machine is an advanced sex toy used to simulate sexual intercourse or oral sex. Typically, a sex machine has a motor that vibrate, thrusts, or rotates a dildo. Some sex machines may instead have sucking actions and can be placed on the penis, breasts, or clitoris. Many sex machines have varying speeds and intensities which can be adjusted via a control located on the machine itself or a remote.

Kinkly explains Sex Machine

Sex machines have become a very popular fetish in recent years, and there are numerous pornographic websites and videos dedicated to these machines and their users. Many individuals have even taken to making their own sex machines from household objects, particularly power tools like drills and reciprocating saws. Note that DIY sex machines are very risky and would be considered edge play by most.

In fact, even when purchased from a reliable vendor, it goes without saying that these machines can be dangerous. While even the most basic sex toy can be dangerous if not used properly, the power and mechanic force behind sex machines implies a higher level of awareness and care.

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