Definition - What does Virginity mean?

Virginity, or being a virgin, refers to a state in which a man or woman hasn't yet had sexual intercourse. However, while virginity usually hinges on penetrative sexual intercourse, it may be more broadly defined to include other sexual acts depending on a person's culture or personal beliefs.

Kinkly explains Virginity

Many cultures disagree about the right time to begin having sex, but most religious beliefs prohibit sex before marriage. Whenever you choose to lose your virginity, your should feel comfortable with your partner and comfortable with the situation.

For women, an intact hymen, a small membrane inside the vagina, is considered evidence of virginity. When the hymen is broken during intercourse, bleeding may occur. However, gynecologists agree that this definition of virginity is very flawed because the hymen can be broken by using a tampon or even by riding a horse. In addition, some women are born without a hymen at all.

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