Spiritual Sex

Last Updated: April 30, 2019

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Definition - What does Spiritual Sex mean?

Spiritual sex is the recognition that sexual activity can bring humans to a higher states of consciousness and that the practice of sex goes beyond simple physical and genital satisfaction, and is a channel to reach these states of consciousness.

Kinkly explains Spiritual Sex

Spiritual sex is an old notion with roots in ancient cultures. It is not necessarily related to religion, although it is linked to Tantra, a practice that views sex as an expression of the unity of the universe.

The goal of spiritual sex is to use sexual activity and the connection it provides to another human being to reach higher levels of consciousness in the form of trances. According to the research, approaching sex from a spiritual perspective can have a transformational effect on one's life. Spiritual sex provides a healthy framework to understand sexual activity, as it dispels the notion of sexuality as a dirty, shameful activity that should be practiced as little as possible.

People who embrace spiritual sex do so in order to understand and fulfill their sexual needs better and to grow a stronger, spiritually-minded relationship between partners, as well as to develop a more spiritual view of the world.

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