Updated: MAY 1, 2018

Urolagnia is when an individual is sexually aroused by urine. It is a type of paraphilia and is also known as urophilia.


More About Urolagnia

People with urolagnia are sexually aroused by being urinated on, drinking urine, or urinating on someone else. These practices are commonly referred to as watersports. The causes of urolagnia are unknown because the causes of fetishes are different for every person.

In a healthy individual, urine is sterile and safe to drink in small quantities or come into contact with. If a person is on medication it may be passed into their urine. So, if this is something you enjoy, it would be important to think about that particular risk. There are also risks if there is a bacterial infection of the urethra or if they have any diseases. There have also been cases of skin rashes due to urine allergies.

Unlike some other paraphilias, this is considered a rather safe form because there is nothing illegal about this act.

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