Sex Positions

Last Updated: April 13, 2017

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Definition - What does Sex Positions mean?

There are various ways two people can have sex, known as sex positions. There are four different categories: man on top, woman on top, sideways, and from behind.

People are creative and unique in the way they experience sex, so the the huge number of sexual positions and variations are a reflection of sexual - and physical - individuality.

Kinkly explains Sex Positions

Going beyond the traditional missionary position is a common way to spice things up in the bedroom and experience new sensations. Some feel that different positions feel better and enhance orgasm, while others like the thrill of doing something a little wild. For women who may struggle to achieve orgasm through intercourse alone, experimenting with different positions that better stimulate the clitoris and G-spot can help improve their sexual experience and increase the chance of orgasm.

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