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Satin Fetishism

Updated: MAY 30, 2017

Satin fetishism is a type of sexual fetishism or kink which causes people to become aroused by the look or feel of satin fabrics and garments.

Generally, a satin fetishist directs their interest towards someone wearing satin clothes. However, satin fetishism can also be directed towards the satin clothing or fabric itself. Many of these satin fetishists collect satin garments and fabrics to wear and use for their own arousal.

The majority of satin fetishists are heterosexual men. However, some females enjoy wearing and modeling satin garments. Some men also indulge in cross-dressing to satisfy their satin fetish.

More About Satin Fetishism

Satin fetishists may be attracted to the softness, shine, smoothness, or drape of satin and satin garments. They may also enjoy the qualities associated with satin, such as elegance, luxury, or romance.

Many websites are designed to appeal to satin fetishists. These typically show photographs and videos of women and men wearing satin shirts, blouses, dresses, trousers, and undergarments, and posing on beds fitted with satin sheets. These images and videos feature models playing the part of the school teacher, the boss, the secretary, and other common satin fetish fantasies. Unlike most erotic websites, satin fetish websites show clothed models, as most satin fetishists believe that elegantly-dressed models are more erotic than naked ones.

Many satin fetishists are particularly interested in one type of satin garment. Lingerie fetishism is the most common subset of satin fetishism, but there are other types as well, such as scarf fetishism. This growing group of satin fetishists includes fetishists who derive pleasure from wearing satin scarves, watching others wear satin scarves, and those who enjoy using satin scarves in BDSM play.

Due to the similar properties of the fabrics, some satin fetishists also have a silk fetish.


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