Definition - What does Fleshlight mean?

The Fleshlight is the top selling male sex toy in the world. It's a personal masturbation sleeve that looks like a flashlight but includes a skin-textured sheath on the inside, allowing a man to penetrate the toy.

Kinkly explains Fleshlight

The fleshlight has several different sheaths including one that looks like a vagina, an anus, a mouth, and just a simple slit opening saving users from having to come up with some uncomfortable explanations if someone happens across it.

The sheaths also come in several different textures including an ultra-tight tunnel for men who prefer a tight grip or men of smaller girth. They even have one with a tight opening that opens into a wider tunnel to simulate a vagina complete with a piece at the end to simulate the cervix.

Fleshlights can be used with different types of lube for different sensations and can also be used to help men increase their sexual stamina.

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