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Definition - What does Breasts mean?

Breasts are two organs located on the chest plate of mammals. In females, they contain the mammary glands, which provide milk for babies after pregnancy. Males also have breasts, but without functioning mammary glands. Breasts also function as an erogenous zone, and many women enjoy having them stimulated during foreplay and sex. Some women can even orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

Kinkly explains Breasts

Breasts are a main area of focus in regards to sexuality and sexual stimulation. Some experts believe that female breasts serve as signals to males that a female is fertile; as a result, the sight of breasts sexually excites males. Regardless of size or shape, breasts are comprised of fatty, spongy material that helps to create their shape. During foreplay or sex, women and men may be stimulated by touches on the breasts and nipples. Tightening or pebbling of the nipples is also a sign of sexual excitement.

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