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Updated: JANUARY 11, 2024
Reviewed by Marla Stewart

Dollification is a kink that sees someone, usually a submissive, transforming into a living doll. This transformation usually involves changing their mindset, behavior, and appearance. After dollification, their owner, usually a dominant, can play with them. The owner is sometimes called a maker.

Why Are People into Dollification?

The power dynamic between the doll and their owner can be very arousing. Ryan Warn, a crossdresser/drag queen who runs DragUniverse.com, an online store with dollification products, said "I believe it's closely tied to other roleplaying kinks, emphasizing the dynamics of giving up and taking control. I've seen high-level CEOs, who are used to constant control, find pleasure in giving up control, becoming submissive, and getting humiliated as a Barbie. Dressing up as a hyper-feminine doll, with a big wig and oversized fake boobs, allows them to surrender control over every aspect of their body to their owner. On the other hand, the owner gains satisfaction from the power dynamics, engaging in activities like dressing up and manipulating the doll during sessions. This experience is similar to playing with a lifeless object, sometimes discarding the doll, leaving them in different positions and states."

Exploring a dominant-submissive power dynamic through dollification can also help a couple deepen their connection, as the submissive must give up control and put their trust in their owner. As Warn suggests, being a doll can also be very liberating. Dolls don’t have responsibilities, complex emotions, or needs as humans do. They simply exist for the pleasure of others. Their owner makes all their decisions for them. Becoming a doll can therefore be much simpler and more appealing to anyone who feels overburdened by society. Being objectified, as anyone who becomes an object is, can also be arousing for some people.


How Dollification Overlaps with Other Sexual Interests

Dollification can overlap with other sexual interests. Becoming a doll or manipulating one can be a kink or a fetish for people who prefer this kind of play to other forms of sexual expression. The dynamic between a doll and their owner is very similar to the classic BDSM dynamics of submissive and dominant or slave and master. People interested in BDSM may enjoy dollification as a new way to play with one another. Forced dollification can appeal to BDSM practitioners who enjoy activities like consensual nonconsent and humiliation play.

Dollification involves role-playing as someone changes their persona to become a living doll. It can therefore appeal to people who already enjoy role-playing with a partner.

Warn says dollification's popularity in the crossdressing community encouraged him to stock products for this interest. "In our webstore, we specialize in products for dollers and doll enthusiasts, including big fake silicone breastplates (up to G cup size), fake vagina suits, and hyper-feminine outfits. While our customer base includes individuals of all genders, a big portion consists of male customers, some of whom utilize our products for dollification, whether in a sexual or non-sexual way."


People with transformation fetishes may enjoy watching someone change from a human to a living doll through dollification. Different types of dolls can also interest people with different sexual interests. Dollification can overlap with an interest in bondage when people transform into marionettes, as these dolls have their wrists and ankles tied. Transforming into a rubber doll or porcelain doll that makers or owners can paint with liquid latex can appeal to someone with a latex fetish. People who transform into Barbie-style dolls may also have a bimbofication kink. Becoming an animal doll can help someone combine their interests in dollification and pet play.

Dollification in Porn

In 2024, porn website Clips4Sale named dollification as one of the year’s biggest porn trends. Adult filmmakers capitalizing on this trend create various videos focusing on dollification. Most of these videos focus on the transformation from human to living doll. Many videos also show the maker or owner using their living doll sexually.


More About Dollification

Doll Types

Some of the common types of dolls people may become through dollification include:

  • Ragdoll: A floppy doll with a cutesy look, often wearing a yarn wig and painted with a bow mouth and freckles, modelled after Raggedy Ann.
  • Barbie: Sometimes called a fashion doll, their curvaceous figure and feminine appearance are key characteristics.
  • Marionette: A doll operated by strings attached to their wrists and ankles, like a puppet.
  • Poseable doll: A doll that an owner can position and make hold their pose.
  • Rubber doll: A doll wearing a full-body latex suit.
  • Pet doll: Usually a puppy or kitty doll, these dolls may wear animal ears or full animal costumes.
  • Tin soldier/action figure: Typically masculine or androgynous presenting, these dolls make rigid movements.
  • Porcelain doll: A fragile doll that the owner can paint using liquid latex or makeup.
  • Bobblehead: A simple doll that can only nod their head yes.
  • Troll doll: A bratty doll that’s kept naked.
  • Blow-up doll: A simple doll used for sexual pleasure.
  • AI Sex Robot: A robotic doll with artificial intelligence programmed to give sexual pleasure.

How to Play with Dollification

Owners typically start the play by changing their doll’s appearance. They may put them in high-heeled shoes, wigs, and different clothes. They may also paint their face with make-up. Some living dolls undergo plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, to create a more doll-like appearance.

After their transformation, their owner will play with them. This play may be similar to the way that a child plays with a doll. For example, they might brush their doll’s hair, feed them, or change their outfits. They may also have sex with their dolls. During sex, living dolls are usually silent and non-reactive, like real dolls.

Some types of dolls lend themselves to different types of play. For example, owners may ask their action dolls to complete complex tasks, which are difficult due to their restricted movements. Ragdolls suit rough, wrestling play as they are floppy. Owners may also like to make their rag doll a cuckold, forcing them to lie limp in a corner while they have sex with another partner. Bobbleheads suit consensual non-consent play, as the doll can only nod their head yes.


While dolls typically take a submissive role during play, this isn’t always the case. A dominant doll may insist their owners dress them in their favorite outfits, for example, or order them to touch them in the ways they like.

Most people practice dollification in their free time. However, some people committed to dollification may become dolls full-time.

While dolls are often silent and compliant, they should be willing participants in dollification. Partners should discuss their interest in dollification before playing to gain consent. During this conversation, people might discuss how they expect the scene to go and any hard and soft limits. Either party can withdraw consent at any time if either party is not comfortable. Partners can be creative with this, such as giving the doll a button they can press to trigger a safe word, so they don’t break character.


It's also important to play safely with a doll. While play with ragdolls can get rough, for example, the owner should always discuss what is acceptable levels of force, to avoid actually harming their doll. The ties used to control a marionette should never be tight enough to compromise circulation.

As dollification involves power exchange, aftercare is important. This can help the doll feel valued and give partners the chance to discuss their feelings and anything they’d like to do differently or try next time. Given this is a very particular type of kink, vetting partners is important.

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