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Subservient Smooching Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 7, 2023

While most people assume spreader bars are just for intercourse; the Subservient Smooching proves them wrong. Using portable stocks furniture, the Subservient Smooching position lends itself well to hot foreplay - especially making out!

Subservient Smooching sex position. Two people are kneeling, facing one another. One person is wearing a Liberator Bastion stocks around their neck and wrists. A leash is attached to the front of the stocks, and the other partner is holding the leash, pulling the bound person in for a kiss.To get into this sex position, one partner will kneel. The stocks can then be gently wrapped and fastened around their neck and wrists. Once the stocks are fully applied, the giving partner can then kneel next to the bound partner, perfectly in place for making out or other foreplay.

Ideas for Play in This Position

"Foreplay" is the name of the game with the Subservient Smooching position. The upright position of both partners makes it easy to touch - but it may not make for easy penetration.

All of the standard foreplay activities are available, and the Subservient Smooching position encourages you to take advantage of that. Making out will be most couples' first stop, but any full-body touch on the bound partner can feel amazing. This position places the chest and nipples at the forefront, and nipple clamps and nipple suckers can be a good option here. Other toys, designed for sensation play, can also be great ideas. Vampire gloves, wax play candles and gags can all be used on the sensitive skin of the bound partner.

Do be sure to stop in for regular communication breaks. The wide surface of the stocks can make it difficult for the bound partner to see their body, and receiving touch without the ability to see the touch can feel jarring to some.

While the kneeling position of the Subservient Smooching may not lend itself well to penetration, it does allow access between the thighs if the knees are spread. Sex toys can easily be held or used between the thighs to add stimulation and increase the intensity of your scene. Toys with a bit of reach (like wand massagers or large penis strokers) are recommended as the wide shape of the stocks can make it difficult to get full skin-on-skin contact.

As it can be easy to focus on the bound partner in this position, but make sure you have a plan to pleasure the unbound partner too. You could use hands-free sex toys during the scene, or agree to additional play before or afterwards that focuses on the unbound partner. We want to ensure everyone leaves this scene fully satisfied!


More About Subservient Smooching Position

While starting the Subservient Smooching in the kneeling position, as shown, offers a lot of play possibilities, one of the benefits of this position is its transitional versatility. The bound partner can simply lay back or forwards to offer even more position options once the two of you want to swap to doing something new.

However, check in often about the bound partner's neck when lying down. While the Liberator Bastion's padded, soft surface can make lying down tolerable, standard wooden stocks may make this painful. If that's the case, you can still enjoy versatility by bending the bound partner over a tall, hip-high table or countertop. This will swap up the position while eliminating the pressure on their neck.

What is this bondage device?

A stocks is a type of "advanced" spreader bar that includes neck bondage. Instead of a standard spreader bar, which is a simple, sturdy bar that has bondage points, a stocks is a large, flat panel with cut-out holes. A standard stocks includes a large hole for the neck as well as two smaller holes meant for wrists or ankles.

Since a stocks is one large, flat panel, the stocks has to open up on a hinge (like a book!) in order for the partner's limbs to fit inside the stocks. Once all of the limbs are in place, the stocks are closed and fastened shut, restraining the bound partner's limbs into the holes within the large, flat panel.

Most traditional and modern bondage stocks are made from wood, but the stocks pictured are from Liberator. Liberator's version, the Bastion, is made from high-density foam and easy-clean material for a padded surface that's safer and gentler on the joints. This padded surface can make it the perfect choice for the Subservient Smooching position because it reduces neck pressure when transitioning to other positions.

Safety While Using Bondage Stocks

While the padded, soft surface of these stocks can help reduce some of the dangers of bondage stocks, it does not eliminate all of them. Luckily for us, virtually all of the risks can be eliminated by open communication and planning ahead.

When using bondage stocks, you want to:

Ensure the bound partner is stable. As you can see, if the bound partner fell, they would not have their hands to catch them. Even worse, if your stocks were made of wood, that would be a drastic, potentially fatal, impact on the windpipe. That's why it's so important to ensure the bound partner is completely stable and balanced. This is also why so many stocks positions include kneeling or sitting. If you have a sturdy piece of furniture (like a bed!), the person can also stand, bending at the hips, leaning their upper body over the sturdy piece of furniture like in the Open Pike position.

Ensure there are no limb tingles. If instant tingles pop up in the fingers, wrists, feet, or toes at any moment, that can be a sign of nerve damage. Especially if your stocks is a wooden version, your limbs might be pressed up right against the unforgiving surface of the wooden stocks. There are a few surface nerves in the wrists and ankles that are susceptible to this. If you feel those tingles, reposition your wrist to see if they instantly disappear. In most cases, lifting the wrists towards the head will reduce the "hanging" against the stocks that causes the wrists to press against these corners. If not, ask to be removed from the stocks. Nerve damage is a serious concern, and impingement of the nerves is cumulative over your lifetime.

Regularly check for blood flow. Just like your arms would fall asleep if they were held above your head for long periods of time, your arms can fall asleep while held in a stocks. This isn't dangerous for most people; you simply need to speak up and remove the stocks. Allowing the arms to hang at the bound person's side for awhile will restart blood movement. You can transition to using wrist cuffs, or you can simply take a short break before placing the person back into the stocks.


More About Subservient Smooching Position

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