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Solo Settee Session Sex Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 13, 2023
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on May 8, 2023

The Solo Settee Session sex position is a seated masturbation position that makes use of a couch or sturdy piece of furniture. In the Solo Settee, your living room furniture becomes the perfect spot for grinding. Slip and slide against it naked or clothed or with or without lube - or consider adding sex toys into the equation!

Solo Settee Session sex position. A couch is shown from the side where the viewer can only see the back and arm of the couch. A person is straddling the arm of the couch to grind against the surface of the furniture.

To get into this position, find the arm of a couch, lay down something to protect it and straddle it! Use the edge of the couch's arm if you'd like to keep both legs flat on the floor, or bend one leg to rest on the knee to grind deeper on the couch.


A "settee" is a synonym for a couch or sofa.

More About Solo Settee Session Sex Position

The Solo Settee Session sex position will be easiest for those who are looking for something to grind against. Whether you have a clitoris or a penis, the friction of moving back and forth on the arm of the couch can be extremely pleasurable - and even orgasmic!

Tips for Preparing to Try This Sex Position

As you're intentionally grinding up against the fabric of the couch, we recommend a bit of prep work before getting into the Solo Settee Session position. After all, this likely to involve bodily fluids - or lube - and that may stain the fabric of your couch. Make sure to put down a towel or waterproof sex blanket before getting into the Solo Settee position. Depending on your sensitivity, you may also be able to wear underwear or clothing while enjoying this position.

Sex Toys to Complement the Solo Settee Sex Position

Adding sex toys to this experience can make things even more pleasurable. A sit-on vibrator like the Wild Flower Enby 2, Rocks Off Ruby Glow or Orion VibePad 2 may be able to fit onto wide couch arms. Alternatively, a sex toy that stays on the body on its own - like the Hot Octopuss Jett, We-Vibe Jive, Aneros Simul8, or any prostate massagers or butt plugs - may be a great fit for using while you grind against the couch as well.

Depending on the arm of your couch, you may be able to fasten dildos or other items onto the arm of the couch for riding. A quick tie with rope could make this possible - or you can get creative with other methods to hold the dildo, vibrator, or penis stroker in place. (A square knot could make this easy.)

If the arm of your couch does not allow you to fasten items to it, consider getting creative with sex furniture or a pillow. A thigh strap-on harness can allow you strap a dildo onto a standard pillow; you can position your now-well-hung pillow onto the arm of the couch. A sex toy mount - like the Liberator Tula, Bon Bon, Top Dog, Axis, Wing or On a Mission - may also be a good fit for holding a sex toy in place while enjoying the Solo Settee Session position.

Safety and Accessibility Tips for the Solo Settee Position

A word of caution: The arms of couches are often not meant to support a person's body weight -- especially those on some of the cheaper, mass-produced, build-it-yourself couches. There is a possibility that you may break the couch doing this. Before enjoying yourself in the Solo Settee sex position, we recommend testing the stability of the arm of the couch for any safety concerns. While enjoying this sex position, we recommend being cognizant of how much weight you're putting on the couch and using your feet and knees for stability as much as possible. If your couch isn't a suitable option here, consider some of the sex furniture recommended above.

We also recommend having a discussion with yourself around pain, balance, comfort and accessibility before trying this position. People who have disabilities like mild cerebral palsy who are ambulatory might be able to achieve this position, but they might need help with pillows and sex wedges to maintain balance. You may also consider purchasing the Bump’n Joystick as this toy will help you keep other dildos, wands or sleeves in place while you self-pleasure.

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