The Lean Back Oral Sex Position

Last Updated: April 19, 2021

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Definition - What does The Lean Back Oral Sex Position mean?

The Lean Back position is an oral sex position that aims to offer the receiving partner a mouthful of titillating pleasure. To get into this position, the receiving partner sits down and leans back on their hands, opening up their legs. The giving partner can either kneel or lie down between the receiving partner's legs.

In order to make the lean back oral position stimulating for both partners, the giving partner can use a hands-free sex toy, such as the Satisfyer Power Balls pictured below. The kegel balls will provide stimulation to the giving partner as they move, thus providing stimulation for both partners. The giving partner could also use anal beads or a butt plug in this position.

Kinkly explains The Lean Back Oral Sex Position

Instead of laying back, like in many oral sex positions, the lean back position allows the receiving partner to be closer to the giving partner. With their free hand, they can hold onto their partner's head to guide their partner or provide feedback. The receiving partner can also reach forward more and play with the giving partner's breasts or nipples. To extend their reach, they could also use a wand massager to stimulate the giving partner's breasts or their own breasts.

The lean back oral position can also be used as part of foreplay and can be done by almost all couples. To modify this position for easier mobility, both partners can lay flat, thus turning the position into a half-69. Pillows and blankets can also be put down to make the position easier on the giving partner's knees.

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