Dynamic Consent

Updated: APRIL 30, 2019

Dynamic consent is a model of consent practiced by some people within the BDSM community, in which consent is seen as fluid and changeable at any time.

Dynamic consent is the opposite to blanket consent or contract consent, which are two models of consent where consent does not change once it’s been granted. In fact, this model of consent has been embraced by members of the BDSM community who feel contract and blanket consent models can fall short in creating an atmosphere of truly consensual sexual activity.


More About Dynamic Consent

Dynamic consent allows people, especially submissives, to consent to a sex act, but change their mind and withdraw consent later. This might occur if someone doesn’t have a full grasp of how they’ll feel during the act they’ve consented to or if they are too aroused to make a fully informed decision, for example.

A dynamic consent model of consent aims to ensure both dominant and submissive people enjoy their interactions. It minimizes the chances a submissive will go along with an activity they are uncomfortable with because they feel obligated or unwilling to ruin the mood of the moment.

Ongoing communication is key to ensuring consent is always granted through a dynamic consent model. Some of this consent may be verbal, but people who use dynamic consent must pay attention to their partners’ body language. People are not always willing or even able to speak up if they change their mind about a particular activity. However, their bodies typically give cues that advances or activities are unpleasant or unwanted. If someone detects their partner doesn’t seem keen for an activity they’ve consented to, they should ask whether consent is still granted or even stop the activity entirely under dynamic consent guidelines.

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