Sexual Partner

Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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Definition - What does Sexual Partner mean?

A sexual partner is a person someone has sex with. The term usually refers to someone having sexual intercourse with someone. However, it can also refer to someone who only engages in oral sex or other types of sexual activity.

The term may be substituted for sex partner.

Kinkly explains Sexual Partner

A sexual partner can be any person someone engages in sex with. They can be of any gender or sexual orientation. People can be in a committed relationship with a sexual partner or a casual one. They might have sex with them regularly or just once. They may know them very well or not even know their name. People can also have just one or multiple sexual partners at any one time, and at any point in their lifetimes. People are usually attracted to their sexual partners, but this isn’t always the case.

The term sexual partner is reserved for consensual activity though. As the term contains the word partner, an agreement between people is implied. While there is a sexual component to sexual assault, this activity is more about an abuse of power than sex. Rape and other forms of sexual assault involve perpetrators and victims, not sexual partners.

That is not to say that sexual partners are always equal. While many sexual partners are equal, others enjoy playing with power dynamics. This may be in a formal way, such as the interactions in the BDSM community, or in a less formal way with sexual partners who enjoy activities like rough sex and light bondage.

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