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Definition - What does Crura mean?

Crura are long body parts that come in pairs. The legs are the most well-known crura. However, other parts of the body that resemble legs are also called crura. For example, there are clitoral crura, crura of the diaphragm, and crura of the penis. Crus is the singular form of crura.

Kinkly explains Crura

The penile and clitoral crura are internal structures. For this reason, many people don’t realize they exist. However, they play a key part in sexual pleasure. They are filled with nerve endings, although the clitoral crura contain twice as many as the ones in the penis.

You can stimulate the clitoral crura by putting a finger or sex toy about a third of the way inside the vagina. Experiment applying pressure on the upper or front wall to see what feels good. Caressing the inner labia and some sexual positions will also stimulate the clitoral crura. The penile crura are near the base of the penis. Paying this area attention during a hand job can help turn him on.

The penile and clitoral crura are also made up of erectile tissue. A person’s genital crura fill with blood and swell up whenever they are aroused.

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