Primal Fetish

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Definition - What does Primal Fetish mean?

Primal fetish is a desire or preference for sexual activity that allows the participants to connect with their most animalistic or primal selves. People with a primal fetish tend to act like one or more animals they identify closely with when they’re involved with someone sexually.

As with the relationships between the creatures of the animal kingdom, anecdotal evidence suggests most primal fetish relationships are non-monogamous. Forming tribes, as animals do, is very common. In these group dynamics, the members of each tribe tend to be very protective of one another.

Kinkly explains Primal Fetish

People with a primal fetish become animal-like when they are sexually aroused. This animalistic behavior continues through sexual interaction, including intercourse. Biting, scratching, grunting, screaming, hair pulling, and spanking are all common components of primal fetish sex.

Sex between members of the primal fetish community may appear like a wrestling match, where a dominant partner overpowers a more submissive one. It may be more playful, even comical. It may be violent or tender. There are no rules or norms here. Instead, the participants act on impulse, driven by their instincts rather than expectations.

People with a primal fetish usually identify with one or more animals. The animals they identify with tend to influence how and even where they have sex. These animals may be real, like gorillas and ferrets, or imaginary, like werewolves.

People with a primal fetish tend to find like-minded individuals through BDSM online communities, which often have dedicated sections focused on primal fetish. There is some cross-over between BDSM and primal fetish due to the dominance and submission that form a key part of both BDSM and primal fetish dynamics. However, unlike many forms of BDSM, people with primal fetishes don’t usually use props like handcuffs and whips as many BDSM practitioners do. Safe words and hard and soft limits are common to both groups.

Many members of the primal fetish community argue that their sexual desires are not fetishes at all, as they are not dependent on an object or specific behavior as true fetishes are.

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