Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Alloromantic mean?

Alloromantic is an adjective used to describe a person who feels romantically attracted to other people. You could say that an alloromantic person is simply a romantic person.

The term comes from the Greek word allos, meaning other or different, and the word romantic, used to describe anything with love themes.

Zedromantic is another word for alloromantic.

Kinkly explains Alloromantic

The term alloromantic is most commonly used within the asexual community to distinguish people within this community who experience romantic attraction from those who don’t (aromantic people). However, the term alloromantic in its strictest definition can also be used to describe heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual people, along with people of any other sexual orientation who experience romantic attraction.

When alloromantic people meet others they feel romantically attracted to, they’re likely to spend a lot of time thinking about them. They probably want to spend a lot of time with the objects of their affection, especially alone so they can talk in depth. They may feel jealousy when the people they like spend time with others. They may want to kiss or have sex with these people, depending on whether they’re asexual or not. These romantic feelings may be a precursor to love, although that’s not always the case.

Alloromantic people may feel romantic attraction towards other people of any gender. They may also feel romantic attraction to just one person at a time or more than one person, whether they’re in a romantic relationship or not.

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