Anal Depth Training

Updated: JUNE 1, 2023
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on June 29, 2022

Anal depth training is a type of anal training that focuses on inserting objects deep into the anal cavity. As individuals progress with anal depth training, they should be able to insert sex toys, penises and other objects deeper and deeper into their anal cavity. Unlike some forms of anal training, anal depth training is unconcerned with how large or thick the items inserted are, only how far they enter the body.

Anal depth training can be done with a partner, but it is most often a form of anal masturbation.


More About Anal Depth Training

Anal depth training may be encouraged or imposed by a dominant who wants to push their submissive’s body to the limits. Alternatively, someone might start anal depth training because they enjoy using anal sex toys or being fisted, and want to take their anal play to the next level.

There are two key challenges people undertaking anal depth training must overcome. First, they must learn to relax the pubo-rectal sling, a powerful muscle that creates the first curve of the rectum. This muscle tends to clamp down to close the rectum if it feels pressure, as it does during anal sex or stimulation. Learning to relax the muscle, even when it’s stimulated, is key for successful anal depth training. Second, people undergoing anal training must learn to associate the deep pressure they feel when penetrated anally with pleasure. Focusing on relaxing the body and getting in touch with its sensations can aid anal depth training. Many people find deep breathing helps them relax during anal penetration. Getting in certain body positions, like being on all fours or kneeling and sitting back on a toy, also aids relaxation.

While ordinary dildos, vibrators, and anal toys can be used for anal depth training, there are also some specially designed tools available. Depth probes and flexible, tapered toys called slinks can be useful.

Feeling pressure and a little discomfort during anal depth training is normal, but feeling real pain is not. You should always listen to your body and never push it too far beyond its limits. Don’t rush anal depth training; going slowly is always best. Experts recommend starting with fingers before graduating to inserting sex toys. A quality anal lubricant can ease also discomfort.

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