Last Updated: July 2, 2018

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Definition - What does Docking mean?

Docking is a sex act that lets two men enjoy sexual contact by connecting their penises via the foreskin. Docking can be undertaken by two uncircumcised men or one uncircumcised man and his circumcised male partner. It’s most common among homosexual and bisexual men, but some heterosexual men also enjoy docking with other men.

As with many unusual or extreme acts of body manipulation for sexual gratification, docking can be a fetish for some people.

Docking is sometimes called male docking or penis docking.

Kinkly explains Docking

Men must be aroused with full erections to enjoy docking. If two uncircumcised men want to practice docking, one of the uncircumcised men pulls his foreskin back and holds it in place. Meanwhile, his uncircumcised partner stretches their own foreskin open and pulls it forward over the head and shaft of his exposed partner’s penis. This holds the penises together in place.

If one partner is circumcised, his uncircumcised partner should be able to connect their penises by simple pulling his foreskin forward over the circumcised head.

Once in this position, the men thrust backwards and forwards, gaining sexual pleasure from the friction caused by the foreskin stretched tight over the other man’s penis. Men who practice docking say the practice can lead to very intense and powerful orgasms.

Men with short, tight foreskins may struggle to practice docking. Stretching the foreskin can make docking easier. Lubrication with a commercial lubricant or pre-ejaculate fluid can also make connecting the penises easier.

Manipulating the foreskin for docking can be uncomfortable. Foreskins can also become torn or overstretched, so men should be careful when attempting this sex act. Docking can also irritate the penis’ sensitive skin and spread sexually transmitted infections and yeast infections. If you are concerned about any of these problems, seek medical advice.

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