Last Updated: July 2, 2018

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Definition - What does Ambiamorous mean?

Ambiamorous is an adjective used to describe someone who can enjoy being part of monogamous or polyamorous relationships.

Ambiamorous is a combination of the Latin prefix ambi, meaning both, and amorous, from the Latin amor meaning love.

The term should not be confused with biamorous. While it may seem like a synonym, much like bisexual bridges the gap between heterosexual and homosexual, biamorous means “able to love more than one person.” As such, it is a synonym for polyamorous.

Kinkly explains Ambiamorous

People who use the term ambiamorous tend to prefer this adjective over monogamous or polyamorous to describe their relationship identity in much the same way bisexual people prefer this term to describe their sexual identity over straight or gay. While using monogamous or polyamorous would be convenient while in monogamous or polyamorous relationships, these terms do not adequately describe an ambiamorous person’s complete relationship identity.

Just like bisexual people are happy dating men and women, ambiamorous people are content in monogamous and polyamorous relationships. They typically find themselves in a monogamous or polyamorous relationship depending on their partner’s preferences or boundaries. Most often ambiamorous people form monogamous partnerships with monogamous partners and polyamorous partnerships with polyamorous partners. However, if a monogamous partner is comfortable an ambiamorous person may have polyamorous relationships while also being part of a monogamous relationship.

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