Gender Non-Binary

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Definition - What does Gender Non-Binary mean?

Gender non-binary is a gender-identifying term for people who do not identify with male or female binary genders.

Gender non-binary is also referred to as genderqueer. However, some people feel gender non-binary is a better, more neutral term, as queer is used in some circles as an insult against transgender people.

Kinkly explains Gender Non-Binary

People who identify as gender non-binary may feel their gender identity has both masculine and feminine aspects or that their gender identity lies somewhere between the typical male and female genders. Alternatively, they may feel they have a neutral gender identity. Other people who identify as gender non-binary feel their genders are fluid or that they have multiple gender identities at any one time.

People who identify as gender non-binary may have been born intersex, with both male and female gender physical identifiers, or have been born as a biological male or female. More than a third of people identifying as gender non-binary also identify as transgender or transsexual, understanding that this term simply describes any person whose gender identity does not match the assigned birth gender. Gender non-binary people may have any sexual orientation.

People who identify as gender non-binary often take steps to appear less like a male or female and more like the non-binary gender they identify with. Many gender non-binary people dress and style their hair in an androgynous way. They may change their name to something more unisex and start using a gender-neutral title, like Mx., and gender-neutral pronouns, like they and their, to refer to themselves. As a sign of respect and acceptance, people who identify as gender non-binary usually prefer others to use their preferred pronouns and titles when addressing them. Gender non-binary people may also play with masculine and feminine presentation and behaviors, mixing aspects of the two binary genders to create something more closely reflecting the way they see themselves. Some people with gender non-binary identities also undergo surgery to make their bodies more accurately reflect their genders.

While much of society still sees gender as a binary concept, many American states are recognizing gender non-binary as a third gender for official purposes, like the issuing of driver’s licenses and other forms of identification. The gender-neutral letter X is often used as an alternative for M, signifying male, and F, for female. These steps help people with non-binary genders gain service and acceptance in official channels as it ensures their gender presentation matches the gender on their identification.

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