Truffle Butter

Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Truffle Butter mean?

Truffle butter is a slang term for the tan substance that’s created when fecal matter combines with vaginal lubrication and seminal fluids. This occurs when people have anal sex, followed immediately by penetrative vaginal sex. Making truffle butter is not recommended by health professionals as it carries a high risk of infection.

The term truffle butter originated within the hip hop community, where it is most commonly used today.

Kinkly explains Truffle Butter

Creating truffle butter is a taboo act, as with many sex acts involving anal sex. For this reason, it can be very arousing and attractive for some couples. However, while it poses a minimal health risk to men it carries a significant risk for women. Women that create truffle butter are at high risk of developing a urinary tract or kidney infection. If the sex is unprotected, then there is also the usual risk to both partners of a host of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Any couple wishing to have anal sex, then engage in vaginal sex should ideally use a different condom for each sexual act to stay safe. Monogamous couples who have been tested for STIs could more safely move from anal sex to vaginal sex if the man washes his penis between the sex acts. However, since washing removes fecal matter, the vaginal sex won’t create truffle butter. Using a water- or silicon-based lubricant for anal sex will also reduce the risk of tearing. A torn anal lining provides an easy entry point for STIs, hepatitis, and other viruses.

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