Texas Handcuffs

Last Updated: May 7, 2018

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Definition - What does Texas Handcuffs mean?

Texas handcuffs are a handmade form of rope handcuffs used for restraining another person, especially during BDSM scenes featuring bondage. They feature two loops, for the submissive person’s hands, with a collapsing knot in the center.

Texas handcuffs are sometimes called quick cuffs because they can be created quickly.

Kinkly explains Texas Handcuffs

To create Texas handcuffs, take a single rope measuring between six and ten feet. Create two loops in the middle of the rope, then lay them flat against one another. Reach under the first loop’s outer edge to pick up the inner edge of the second loop. Reach over the top of the second loop’s outer edge to pick up the first loop’s inner edge. Pull the edges until they form a loop, with two loops on either side. Place the loops over your submissive’s wrists, then pull the tails apart to tighten the loops.

The loops should be firm, but not uncomfortably tight. As a guide, you should be able to slide a finger or two underneath the loops. Secure the tightened cuffs with a surgeon’s knot. Placing this knot far from the submissive’s thumbs makes breaking free of the cuffs more difficult.

Texas handcuffs can tighten, which can put the wearer at risk of nerve damage. Dominants should always monitor their submissives when they are wearing Texas Cuffs to minimize these risks. Remove the cuffs should the submissive experience tingling or numbness or their skin turn white or blue. Keeping a pair of flat medical scissors nearby during play is smart, as undoing the knots can be difficult.

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