Binding Spoon Position

Last Updated: October 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Binding Spoon Position mean?

The binding spoon position is a sexy and athletic take on the spoon position that can be used for vaginal or anal sex. In this sex position, the partner being penetrated lifts one leg, or even lifts and wraps the top leg behind the penetrating partner. The receiving partner can also wrap their top arm around the penetrating partner to help draw the partners even closer together.

The binding spoon position leaves the front of the receiving partner's body open for additional kinds of play. In the image below, the penetrating partner is using the Satisfyer Endless Fun to stimulate both the receiving partner's nipples. The penetrating partner could also use a toy in this position to stimulate the receiving partner's clitoris or penis.

binding spoon sex position with sex toy on nipples

Kinkly explains Binding Spoon Position

As both partners have one hand free in this position, it allows for each partner to add additional stimulation to their partner or themselves. The penetrating partner's free arm is in the perfect place to stimulate either the receiving partner's nipples or their clitoris or penis. For example, the penetrating partner could provide a breast massage or nipple stimulation to the receiving partner, while at the same time the receiving partner could manually stimulate their clitoris or penis, thus providing the receiving partner with simultaneous stimulation to three erogenous zones.

Depending on the length of the receiving partner's arm, they may also be able to reach behind the penetrating partner to stimulate the penetrating partner's anus or perineum. At the very least, the receiving partner should be able to massage the penetrating partner's butt in this position.

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