Lesbian Spooning Position

Updated: JULY 30, 2021

The spooning sex position is a common sex position often adapted for non-penetrative sex by people of any gender combination. During this position, both partners lay on their sides, with one person's front pressed against the other person's back. Designed to be simple and comfortable for most bodies, it's easy to use hands or toys to pleasure one another while in this position.

This position may also be referred to as spooning, classic spoon, spoons, or saucy spoons.

Lesbian Spooning Position. Both partners lie on their sides and cuddle up together. Any activity can be done from there, but the illustration shows the from-behind partner touching the front partner's clitoris.


More About Lesbian Spooning Position

The spooning position is easy to adapt for virtually any type of sex play. That's part of its versatile use! Using a broad, long-handled toy like the Wand-er Woman helps make this as effortless as possible. The long handle helps overcome any height differences and makes it easier to snuggle into the perfect pleasure spots without strain from other partner.

It's easy to think that the Lesbian Spooning Position is only focused on the pleasure of the person in the front, but that doesn't necessarily need to be the case. While smaller vibrators may cause a bit more strain to get into place, a larger wand massager like that Wand-er Woman can easily be held between the back partner's legs by the person in front. Since the Wand-er Woman's broad head makes it much less important to be perfectly accurate, this can be extremely helpful when the front partner may not have a visual on where the toy is at any given moment.

Just like when the classic spooning position is used for cuddling, this position may be limited by the behind partner's arm. Resting it underneath the front partner's body or head may put it to sleep - and may require regular readjustments to make sure both partners stay comfortable. Don't forget to use pillows to help alleviate any pressure points - and make the position as comfortable as possible for the both of you.

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