Updated: JANUARY 23, 2022
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Electro-sex is the use of electricity for erotic pleasure. This is typically done using sex toys specifically designed for electro-sex. Electro-sex stimulates the body’s nervous system to produce intense sensations.

The practice of electro-sex originally began within the BDSM community where it was used to enhance medical and pain play scenes. However, the practice is now becoming widespread among vanilla couples looking to spice up their sex lives.

Electro-sex is sometimes called erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) or electroplay.


More About Electro-Sex

Electro-sex gives practitioners distinctive tingly, tickly sensations which differ greatly to the sensations achieved with common battery-powered sex toys like vibrators. It taps into the electrical signals that course through the body’s human nervous system, stimulating them to create even more powerful sensory reactions. Since the human body is mostly composed of water, it is an excellent conductor of electricity.

A variety of high-tech sex toys are designed for electro-sex. These include electrified butt plugs, masturbatory sleeves, cock rings, eggs, Kegel balls, G-spot probes, and nipple clamps. E-stim kits, which use electrodes and sticky pads to turn people in part of an electrical circuit, are also becoming popular among electro-sex practitioners. Through these kits, individuals can literally become sex toys, using their skin as conductors to transmit electrical sensations to their partner. Electrified urethral sounds, which transmit electrical currents inside the penis, are another option for those looking for more extreme electro-sex toys.

Electro-sex toys are becoming more popular as manufacturers shift from daunting and complex metal toys to less intimidating and more user-friendly silicone ones. In addition, some people are bypassing commercial options and adapting their existing sex toys to electro-sex ones using conductive metallic tape.

Lubricants can help stop the skin becoming tender and make it more sensitive to electro-play. Use a water-based lubricant for internal attachments and an electro-conductive gel for toys used externally. Do not use a silicone lube, which may degrade the toys and decrease conductivity.


While electro-sex may sound dangerous, anecdotal evidence suggests it is not painful or risky when the right precautions are taken. However, as with anything concerning electricity, people should play with caution. Start slowly, and use low currents until you determine how much electrical stimulation you can handle. Make sure the device is inserted or applied to the skin while it is turned off. Do not experiment with electro-sex if you are pregnant, have heart problems, or a pacemaker. You also shouldn’t use electro-sex toys when you’re feeling unwell or fatigued. They should be used below the waist on healthy skin. As with all sex toys, you should clean any electro-sex toys with antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner and water. Leave them to dry thoroughly before storage and reuse.

Read our Electrosex: The Ultimate Guide for more information about electrosex.

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