Last Updated: July 16, 2018

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Definition - What does Ablutoskepsis mean?

Ablutoskepsis is a fetish for watching undressed women showering or bathing, especially without their knowledge. It is a form of voyeurism.

While the origin of the term is unclear, some people think it was coined by J.E. Schmidt, as he was one of the first people to use the word in his 1967 sexually focused dictionary, “Lecher’s Lexicon.”

Kinkly explains Ablutoskepsis

People with ablutoskepsis enjoy seeing women naked as the sensual act of bathing or showering. If they enjoy watching women in secret, as is the commonly accepted use of the term, the taboo nature of gaining sexual gratification without the object of desire’s knowledge is also appealing.

While the term ablutoskepsis describes people with a fetish for watching women bathe and shower, not all people with ablutoskepsis feel turned on by watching women engaging in both activities. Most people with ablutoskepsis prefer watching women bathe or shower, although they may also enjoy watching women clean themselves in the other way.

Some people with ablutoskepsis can satisfy their fetish by watching a partner shower or bathe with their consent. Others find websites featuring videos with women showering and bathing can satisfy their sexual interests.

However, ablutoskepsis can become problematic if people feel they need to watching people clean themselves without their permission. These people may resort to illegal behavior like peering through bathroom windows or sneaking into women’s locker rooms to secretly watch women bathe or shower. These are high-risk activities, as offenders could face charges if they’re detected.

As with all fetishes that can be potentially harmful, people may seek therapy to cure or manage ablutoskepsis.

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