Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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Definition - What does Autoscophilia mean?

Autoscophilia is a fetish for looking at one’s own body, especially one’s own genitals, for sexual gratification. It is a form of autoeroticism.

The term is a comes from the Greek word autos, meaning self, the Latin term scopus, meaning target, and philia, the Greek word for love.

The term is a variation of the autoscopophilia.

Kinkly explains Autoscophilia

Autoscophilia is usually a relatively harmless fetish, as it’s relatively easy for people to satisfy it without hurting anyone else. People with autoscophilia might take pleasure looking at their naked body in the mirror or while they’re showering. They might also feel arousing looking at their own bodies during sexual activity. While this may be permissible in some relationships, it could potentially lead to detachment and feelings of resentment.

Partners may feel autoscophiles are not attracted to them, as the autoscophile is likely to focus only on themselves. Autoscophiles might also start developing a preference for masturbation as they can focus solely on themselves and their genitals.

If autoscophilia takes its toll on relationships, autoscophiles may seek professional help. Therapy, either solo or with a partner, may help autoscophiles manage their condition.

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