Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Autofetishism mean?

Autofetishism is an extreme form of narcissism which results in a sexual obsession with one’s own body.

The term is a combination of the Greek root auto, meaning self, and the word fetishism, which is an unusual and persistent sexual instinct.

Autofetishism is sometimes called autoeroticism, autophilia, autosexuality, and automonosexualism.

Kinkly explains Autofetishism

People who experience autofetishism are typically called autofetishists. These people have a strong and persistent sexual interest in their own body which outweighs their sexual interest in other people, including any sexual partners. Because of this, they may be more interested in masturbation or in the case of men, autofellatio; those are two activities which would allow them to use their own body for sexual pleasure. Sex with other people may involve positions where they can see their own bodies or perhaps sex in front of mirrors.

As people with autofetishism rely so much on their own body for sexual stimulation, they may struggle to perform with a partner or under circumstances where they cannot focus on themselves. They may also be selfish lovers as they rely so much on themselves for sexual gratification.

As with all fetishes, autofetishism can be a problematic condition which can make it difficult for sufferers to form long-lasting relationships. Therapy can help autofetishists manage their condition.

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