Last Updated: January 28, 2019

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Definition - What does Adamism mean?

Adamism is a form of exhibitionism where the exhibitionist enjoys being seen completely nude.

The term refers to the Biblical first man, Adam, who was naked in the Garden of Eden. It may also reference the Adamites, an early Christian sect from Northern Africa, who performed religious services while naked.

Kinkly explains Adamism

People with adamism, known as adamites, are not satisfied simply flashing their breasts or genitalia as some exhibitionists are. They prefer being seen completely naked, from head to toe. Most adamites feel aroused when they’re watched while they’re nude.

While few formal studies have been conducted into adamism, there are likely to be more male adamites than female ones, just as there are more male exhibitionists than female exhibitionists.

Nude beaches and sex clubs provide public places where adamites can legally be naked. However, adamites are unlikely to feel the same pleasure frequenting these places where they are allowed to be naked. Instead adamites are likely to feel the greatest arousal being naked in places where they’re not supposed to.

Of course, acting on these impulses leaves adamites open to fines and even jail time. They could also potentially offend members of the public. Therapy may help adamites control their urges and discover healthy ways to satisfy their sexual desires that don’t put themselves and at risk.

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