Last Updated: March 16, 2020

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Definition - What does Grayromantic mean?

Grayromantic is a term for any individual whose romantic orientation lies between aromantic and romantic. Someone who is a grayromantic can experience romantic feelings, but not with the same frequency or under the same circumstances that a person who is considered to be romantic might.

The term grayromantic is commonly used within the asexual community, where it is often shortened to gray. It may also be spelled greyromantic or hyphenated (as in gray-romantic or grey-romantic).

Kinkly explains Grayromantic

Since grayromantics may have a romantic orientation that sits anywhere on the spectrum between aromantic and romantic, the members of this group often have very different experiences from each other. Some grayromantics only occasionally feel romantically attracted to others. Others may feel romantic attractions that they do not wish to develop into romantic relationships.

Some grayromantics do want close relationships with other individuals, but they are content for these relationships to lie somewhere between platonic and romantic. As the types of relationships grayromantics crave are very different from the relationships that the majority of individuals look for, grayromantics may find it easier to meet potential partners through asexual dating websites.

People who are grayromantic can also have differing levels of sexual attraction and interest. Many never experience sexual attraction, while others do but only in certain circumstances, such as when they’re in a loving relationship. The libidos of grayromantics usually range from low to non-existent.

Since grayromantic is such a broad term, there are some further terms which more specifically describe people identifying as such. For example, demiromantics are grayromantics who only experience secondary romantic attraction. This is the romantic attraction that comes once an emotional connection is established, rather than the romantic attraction many people feel when they initially see people they find beautiful or handsome.

Grayromantics can be further classified by their gender orientation. For example, a heterosexual grayromantic may be called a grayheteroromantic.

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