Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)

Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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Definition - What does Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) mean?

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous is a 12-step program to help people exhibiting sexually compulsive, sexually addictive, and romantically obsessive behaviors or thoughts control their urges. It models itself after similar programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are Sexual Compulsives Anonymous chapters in many major cities and online. These chapters are self-supporting; they do not collect funds from their members. It is also not allied with any religious or political groups, or other organizations, although it does consider itself a spiritual group. Its only membership requirement is a desire to cease compulsive sexual behaviors.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous is often shorted to the acronym SCA.

Kinkly explains Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)

Members of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous progress through a number of steps on their journey to sexual sobriety. The first is admitting that you have no control over your sexual problems. After mastering this step, members can move on to the next. Mastery is always required to progress in the program.

People who participate in Sexual Compulsives Anonymous attend meetings, either in person or online, to heal and share their stories. Through this experience, the members look to solve their own problems and aid others in their recovery. Members are encouraged to attend face-to-face meetings, if at all possible, for the best results.

Members' identities are kept anonymous to make it easier for them to open up about their sexual compulsions. While meetings are non-denominational, prayers to God are typically recited during the meeting. Members who do not believe in God are encouraged to consider the prayers to a higher power or another force that makes sense to them.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous also hosts conferences and events and produces literature, including its newsletter the SCAnner, to aid members in their recovery.

While the members of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous come from all walks of life, they share several common characteristics. These include using masturbation and sex to escape from difficult feelings. Members typically have low self-esteem. They also share a desire to stay sexually sober and help others in this same goal. Sexual sobriety is not the same as celibacy. Instead, the members look to express their sexuality in healthy and positive ways.

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