Electric Wand

Last Updated: May 27, 2019

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Definition - What does Electric Wand mean?

An electric wand is a device designed to deliver a range of sensation to the skin, ranging from warm, tingling and stinging, to painful. It is used for sensation play and sexual stimulation. There are many different attachments for electric wands, which is what allows them to provide a wide range of sensations.

Kinkly explains Electric Wand

There are two main types of electric wands, violet wands, which are sold by several manufacturers, and the Neon Wand, which is produced and sold by Kinklab. Both types of wand consist of a glass electrode designed to provide low-current, high-voltage, high-frequency electricity to the body. This can be used to create an electric shock or spark, much like static electricity. One partner, with the use of a contact attachment, can also electrify themselves, thus delivering a sensation or spark when they touch their partner. The Neon Wand is typically considered the less powerful, less painful option for electrical stimulation, and may therefore be better suited to beginners. However, its shock value may be boosted with the use of an attachment.

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