Post-Ovulation Method

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Definition - What does Post-Ovulation Method mean?

The post-ovulation method is a method of family planning that falls under the umbrella of "fertility awareness" methods. The post-ovulation method avoids pregnancy by abstaining from intercourse or employing barrier methods (such as a condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap) suring a time period that runs from the start of menstruation through the fourth day after ovulation is predicted.

Kinkly explains Post-Ovulation Method

The post-ovulation method is considered the most effective of the fertility awareness methods, particularly among users who chose to abstain from sexual intercourse entirely from the onset of menstruation through the end of the fertile period. The first year failure rate for the post-ovulation method is 1% with perfect use. This rate can vary and depends entirely on the user's willingness to abstain from sexual intercourse for more than half of the month or to be vigilant in the use of barrier methods during the menstruation through post-ovulation phase.

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