Big Dipper Position

Last Updated: July 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Big Dipper Position mean?

The big dipper is a sexual position which sees a couple having intercourse while one person stands, and the other performs tricep bench dips. Due to its high degree of physical exertion, it can be thought of as a form of sex-ercise. Others believe it’s a novelty position which is unlikely to become part of a couple’s regular repertoire.

The big dipper is closely related to the little dipper sex position, which is essentially a reversal of the position.

diagram of the big dipper sex position

Kinkly explains Big Dipper Position

To perform the big dipper successfully, the "dipper" must have a high degree of arm endurance and a strong core. Because of this, the dipper is usually a man. He positions himself between two sturdy fixtures, such as a couch and an ottoman. He then places his hands on the surface behind him and rests his legs on the piece of furniture in front as if to perform tricep bench dips at the gym.

The dipper’s partner stands over his or her lover, straddling his legs with knees bent slightly. If the partner is too tall, he or she might squat down a little. The dipper then lowers himself down, then pushes himself up to achieve sexual intercourse.

If the dipper struggles to perform complete dips, his partner might perform squats to assist lovemaking. This squatting action can also help prolong intercourse, as endurance can be a problem in this position. Alternatively, the dipper might find it easier to straighten his arms or rest on his elbows and thrust his hips up instead.

The dipper should ensure that he keeps his knees slightly bent during the big dipper to avoid injuries.

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