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Cartwheel Sex Position

Definition - What does Cartwheel Sex Position mean?

The Cartwheel Sex Position is an acrobatic, rear-entry sex position. The position gets its name because the man stands on his head, appearing as if he's about to do a cartwheel. His female partner bends over in front of him, allowing him to insert his penis into her vagina. A variation on this position, dubbed the Backdoor Cartwheel, has the penis entering the anus instead of the vagina.

Kinkly explains Cartwheel Sex Position

To perform the Cartwheel, the man stands on his head, using his hands to steady him, as if he's preparing to perform a cartwheel. It's a good idea for the man to do this with his back against a wall for extra support. His female partner then stands in front of him, with her back facing his body and her feet resting on either side of her head. She bends over so he can insert his penis into her vagina, or in the case of the Backdoor Cartwheel, her anus. This sexual position is seen as especially challenging because it's difficult for the man to balance on his head, and maintain an erection when blood is rushing to his head. This position also relies on the woman to maintain momentum and keep his penis at an angle which is comfortable for both participants.

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