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The Spear Tackle Position

Updated: JUNE 30, 2021

The spear tackle position is a twist on the missionary anal sex position. It offers harmonious placement and co-alignment of playmates' bodies, allowing for unfettered access to direct penetration. While the straightforward nature of this position makes it very easy and accessible, grabbing a coffee table or piece of sex furniture will help step things up a notch and move this beyond a simple anal sex position.

Spear Tackle Position. The receiving partner lays face-down on top of a sturdy table. The penetrating partner climbs up, spreads their legs on either side of the receiving partner's legs, and penetrates.

Created by kalebsutra.com


More About The Spear Tackle Position

The receiving partner will need to use both elbows to prop themselves up in order to support their upper body, which should find itself leaning off the edge of the coffee table. This provides an excellent head rush. It also puts the giving partner in the driver's seat for all of the hard, intense, and direct thrusting they have the appetite for, while also increasing the sensation to the lower half of their body.

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