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Exclusion Jealousy

Definition - What does Exclusion Jealousy mean?

Exclusion jealousy refers to feelings of anxiety, fear, and insecurity rooted on being excluded. The exclusion could be as basic as a romantic partner going to the laundry shop with someone else. It could have social or relationship repercussions, such as excluding a person from family gatherings, intimate groups, and the like. Like any form of jealousy, exclusion jealousy does not only harm others. Feeling it is also harmful to one's emotional and physical well-being.

Kinkly explains Exclusion Jealousy

A person who experiences exclusion jealousy goes through a roller coaster of emotions, such as anger, helplessness, and inadequacy. This is harmful to one's self, as well as to people in one's intimate network and family. There are many causes of exclusion jealousy. However, this feeling is never the fault of others – not one's romantic partners, intimate network, nor family. Jealousy is internal; and is likely caused by insecurity. Addressing these insecurities will help ease feelings of jealousy.

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