Choice Family

Last Updated: July 18, 2016

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Definition - What does Choice Family mean?

A choice family refers to a family with members who intend to treat each other as such. Blood relations are not required. Members just have to love, support, and respect each other as family would. The ties that bind a choice family are not physiological or genetic. A choice family is an intentional family of people who choose to co-habitate as one. In the context of sex, it can be seen in most of the various forms of intimacy. For instance, a polyamorous group could be considered a choice family. A gay person could choose to consider people outside of their blood relations to be their family.

Kinkly explains Choice Family

Being in a choice family comes with responsibilities and expectations. One should not take these responsibilities and expectations for granted. Choice family members need to show each other love, respect, and support. Likewise, they need to set aside time to spend with family. A choice family only grows stronger and more together when its members work on it.

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